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With a background in Real Estate, specifically, "Real estate Investment," I know how one picture can make or break a house. At the end of the day your client has to be able to see, touch and walk through the property before they purchase. With my perspective and attention to detail, I strive to showcase your property in a way to gain interest and allow your prospective clients to analyze the photos or videos to give a true feel of the property.  


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Born in Virginia, raised in Georgia, art has always been at the forefront of my life. From my formative years of having a subscription to Architectural Digest, I was obsessed with different types of architecture around the world. By high school I was encouraged by my art teachers to try different types of art realizing my passion for photography. 

With a background in the service industry and real estate, I have a keen sense for detail and a creative perspective when looking through the lens. I reside in Midtown, Atlanta with my fiance Taylor, Golden Retriever "Monty" and two cats "Luna & Zeppellin." In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, camping, hiking, golfing, laughing with family and friends, meeting new people and experiencing local culture and cuisines. 

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